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The best vibrator for women was not originally meant to be a vibrator at all.  It was meant to be a back massager. It is the Hitachi Magic Wand or now known as The Original Magic Wand.  This “Back massager” is bar none amazing, it is powerful and strong.  Since it is not battery operated it will last as long as you do, and remain powerful throughout.  Here is a link to the article and the pros and cons of the Magic Wand the Best Vibrator.  I started this site because it has changed my life and I would like to change others lives as well.  I love my vibrators and there are some that are just amazing and some that are horrible here I will tell you about the best vibrator I have found and it was recommended to me by many others.


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I also will tell you about other great products for women like the Doc Johnson Velvet Touch 7″ which isn’t the best vibrator for women per se but it is really amazing.  This vibrator is great and has a very low price for its quality and strength.  Also I will write about a very good G-spot vibrator that wont break the bank but has been likened to the Best Vibrator For Women This toy is very fun and will also not break the bank.

This site will also include fun things that are not vibrators like batteries for vibrators or maybe sexy lingerie.  My personal favorite to wear is Fish Net Lingerie it shows everything but gives the impression of hiding things.

This site is also going to tackle relationships, how to keep them and how sex plays an important role in them.  How even when we are with someone self discovery does not end and playing with ones self is actually a good thing, and not one to be ashamed of which is why we need things like the Best Vibrator 🙂 .

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