Best Vibrator For Women

Using Vibrators Is A Good Thing

Using Vibrators Is A Good Thing

You know the old adage that if you don’t use it you lose it.  Well the same holds true for women.  Women have a harder time finding their orgasms both externally and internally.  If you don’t practice and fine what works for you, then sex and other activities become more frustrating then pleasurable.  Women need to learn how to recognize certain physical cues.  This will help with your partner and just make alone time more enjoyable.  Vibrators help with that, they can help a woman find an orgasm, and through that women can learn how to orgasm in other ways.

There is a theory that vibrators do numb women to other stimuli and make orgasm harder for them by other means.  There is also a theory that they can be addictive.  In truth and I have researched this a ton it is true and false at the same time.  Vibrators make orgasm very incredibly easy, and also more intense.  This can train you and your body to expect the quicker results produced by a vibrator and make other stimuli feel a little less then it should.  This is not a permanent condition and through moderation will never happen.  Think of a vibrator like your favorite cake, though way less fattening.  Cake is amazing but for every meal it would get tiring and it would be nice to enjoy other foods as well.  Vibrators are similar if you have them all the time it would be tiring and make things seem boring, but there are very fun things to do that are not pulling out the vibrator.

So why am I a big proponent of vibrators then?  Because I love me some cake.  Vibrators feel amazing especially if you don’t use them all the time.  Once or twice a week wont make you used to it and leave room for other fun things in bed.  Vibrators also have wonderful benefits as well.  First they can help women who have never found an orgasm find one, once you know what it feels like it makes it easier to find it the next time.  And it can help when with your partner to make sex feel way more amazing.  There is nothing like making love to your partner and using a vibrator at the same time it feels amazing, sometimes for both parties.  Some vibrators can also help you find the sometimes elusive G-spot orgasm.  Which at times hard to find, and at times also takes a lot of practice to find.

Vibrators are amazing but must be used in moderation.  If used right they can enhance your sex life severely and also be very fun in many ways.  They will help you find how to pleasure your self in other different ways.  They can be a time saver when you don’t have much time on your hands and want to get off quickly.  They can also help you find an orgasm if you have never had one.  They are a great thing and I whole heartedly believe they should be used by everyone.