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Sex Is Important For A Relationship

Sex Is Important For A Relationship

For a healthy relationship it is important to have a healthy sex life.  If you don’t have sex with your partner then it is hard for both parties to find each other sexy.  It is important to experiment with your partner and find what gives them pleasure.  For a healthy sex life it is important to be giving but also selfish.  By this I mean that if you only take then the other partner will always feel left out, but when it comes to you getting off it is important to let your partner know exactly what you need as well and be very specific about it.  If your partner is giving their all and you are not getting satisfaction then this is stressful for your partner as well as you, and it will lead to mutual frustration.  Some times it is very helpful to have days that are focused on just one person where it is all about them until you both figure out what it is that gives them pleasure and visa versa .

Communication is the key, being human we were not blessed with mind reading powers so it is our responsibility to let our partners know what we really need in all realms of the relationship, especially in the bedroom.  It is also important to help teach our partner how to touch us and what we do to please ourselves.  This is why self exploration is also very important.  If you don’t know what you like then how is your partner supposed to know.  They might as well be fumbling in the dark for all they know about what gets you off.

When single or in a relationship it is important to masturbate.  Some people feel guilty if they get off at other times without their partner, but this is actually quite healthy.  Just be sure that this is not the only way you get off.  If you and your partner are not having sex any more then it is time to have a very serious talk.  An honest talk about what each of you need and what is getting in the way of your intimacy.

The truth is we are sexual beings and we need sex in our lives.  Sex is kind of the glue that holds a relationship together.  Both people working together to bring each other pleasure mends a lot of the friction that affects relationships.  It is a nice reset for both people.  Men have been proven to need this more, but both men and women need intimacy.  Sex is not something to use as control of the other person and should not be withheld for petty reasons.  This can breed contempt and distrust.  This will lead to the deterioration of a relationship very fast and bitterness all around.  If you want to keep them and if you still feel love for them open up the lines of communication and listen to them sincerely and also be honest about your feelings as well.

Also be experimental in the bed room the same old same old can get very boring so mix it up try things that you were afraid to even ask about. Your partner can say no but maybe they will say yes.  Your partner is freakier and kinkier then you can imagine. It sometimes just takes time to get them to be comfortable enough to let that side show.  Bringing toys into sex is amazingly fun riding a man while the Hitachi in between you, is probably the closest to god you will ever be in this life time 🙂 . Try role play and other acting who knows it may bring more spice into your relationship then you ever thought possible.  The most important thing is to have fun and care for one another.