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The Modern Dating Scene

The Modern Dating Scene

I recently was talking with a friend of mine and she was asking me if it was normal for a man to go on a date with her and not call the next day.  Sadly I had to say yes.  You see this is the way men are being taught to handle women these days, the good ones and the bad ones.  You see dating has become way more complicated with the modern era.  In just over 30 years things have changed dramatically.  It used to be you got a girls number and called her up on her phone and hoped to get her.  If you didn’t get her then you either left a message or tried again later.  Now though you can text the person five seconds after getting their number.  This gives a women many more options and men fewer.  A women if she puts herself out there can have many men texting her and trying to get her attention every day.  Now a man has to stand out from the crowd and try to look better then all the other options a woman might have.  It is much harder for women now days too.  They get inundated with men who want to get with them both sexually and maybe for a relationship.  Sadly the modern era has bought out the worst in men.  Go on any dating site and you will find a million pigs and very few princes.

So back on to the topic of the rules of dating people are playing by.  Men are told that if they look desperate they are sunk.  Men are told that if they immediately call a girl they will look very desperate and will be rejected immediately.  Talking with many men this oddly seems to be a true statement most of the men I have talked to have experienced this.  If they did contact the woman immediately, then they would probably not hear from her again.  Do women really view men who contact them immediately as desperate.  For the most part yes, we want what we cannot have and that which comes easily has little to no value to us.  Most women are surrounded by men who have been friend zoned because they were too nice or too easy to get.  Think about it, there is that guy who you hang out with but you don’t think of him in that way.  Trust me and I would bet hard earned money on this he has thought about you though.

So what do women want.  Well being women, most of us can have a guy right now if we want one, it isn’t that hard.  So it comes down to do we want the easy men or the hard men.  The men who everyone else wants the men who we can fix up and make the good boy out of the bad.  I heard a woman tell me once that she only dated the bad boys because the good boys were boring.  Granted the good boys didn’t beat her up and force her to have restraining orders on them.  We as women need to wake up and give other men a chance the bad boys seem like fun but they seriously can be very dangerous.  Find a man who treats you like a queen who rubs your back every night and tells you all the time how lucky he feels to have you in his life.  That is what all women deserve and need.

For men, man up and ask that girl out who you have been pining after for years.  She may take it well and if not at least you will not have to wonder any more and hope that one day she will finally see you as the man of her dreams.  If she doesn’t think of you that way be polite and just remove yourself from her life.  It is better then being hung up on someone for a long time, and not moving forward with your life.  Good luck all, the dating scene is a wild and scary one.