Best Vibrator For Women

This Is One Amazing G-Spot Vibe

Amazing G-Spot Vibrator

This is the LELO Mona 2 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator it is beyond anything I have ever tried for G-Spot stimulation.  I recently bought this amazing toy and it is well worth buying.  I love this thing it will help most women find a g-spot orgasm and also it is amazing for clitoral stimulation as well.  This vibrator has six stimulation modes with variable intensity through each.  It is made of soft silicon for a soft feel and easy cleanup.  It is rechargeable and gives 4 hours of fun off of 2 hours of charge.  Being water proof it is easy to take into the shower or bath with you.  It has dual vibrators in it to produce one amazing vibration.

Amazing G-Spot Vibrator

It has six different stimulation modes.

1.  Continuous vibration

2.  Simulating slow thrusts using the two vibrators

3.  Fast thrusts

4.  Switching between low and strong

5.  Strong and barely any at all

6.  Random strong to much stronger with vibrations stronger then any other setting just not continuous

Now it isn’t all that quiet but oh well that is what covers are for.  Some people have complained about its size but for me it is just right.  Measuring in at 7.9-inch total length and 1.2-inch maximum diameter it might be a little intimidating for some women.  Now it has not replaced my Magic Wand it is a very close second.  It is incredibly strong and has a very nice size for external stimulation.  For internal use it feels very nice for me it hits all the right spots and the vibrations are amazing inside.  For both external and internal I whole heartedly recommend it.

LELO Mona 2 Luxury G-Spot Vibrator, Purple


*  Amazing Strength

*  6 different stimulation settings

*  Easy four button control

*  Long battery life

*  Short recharge time

*  Soft feel and easy clean

*  Great for some women to find their G-spot


*  A little big not many women but some find it too big